2019 Pacers

Pacer times available at the Fall Classic

Half Marathon 10KM 5KM
1h30min, 1h45min, 2h, 2h15min, 2h30min 40min, 45min, 50min, 55min, 1h 20min, 25min, 30min, 35min, 40min


Pacers are experienced runners who run the race at an even pace with a specific goal time. This helps fellow runners stay on-pace to achieve their desired finish time. As a local non-profit organization, we truly value those who give back to others in the run community.

Would like to be a RUNVAN® pacer? Please email us at info@runvan.org.


  • Pick a time they feel comfortable running – pacing so others may race
  • Goal is to run the target time
  • Have a plan. Know the course
  • Communicate with the group
  • Arrive early to the race corral
  • Have fun, enjoy the run, and celebrate at that Finish Line on-time!*

*Pacers run continuous at a steady pace to meet the goal time.